Nathalie Poulin-Neylan


Step by step, you can learn to rebuild your strenght and vitality.

 Oasis on the go

Creating a true relaxing environment wherever you are

We approach it with a different angle than most.

Our solutions are for the pragmatic in mind. Since we have digitalized our private life more than ever, our mind needs a different type of anti-dote to balance ourselves from an over stimulating electronic flow that permeates our everyday life everywhere on the planet. This training serie is about learning some geobiology and basic classical feng shui principles toward a new understanding of how energy in the environment affects us. But more importantly, learn how to make effective positive changes in your environment, wherever you go. Be creative at home, your working place or even when travelling around!

Celebrating Again

Committed to support joyful relationships to grow better

When the ability to joyfully connect with others because of some traumas or events are blocking our whole life, we need to learn to let go. But how exactly? We expect the solutions to be coming from outside. Our focus is the powerful key to make those changes. Joy is a quality of focus. Not the forced joy or nervous laughter to outside reality, but the peaceful inner joy of a relaxed individual. We can learn to let go of stress and cultivate that quality of joy. Small steps in a different direction is all that it takes to start again and feel better instead of bitter! Re-learn and open to new experiences that will lead you to where you really belong through "heart synchronicity"!

 On The Same Wave Length

Inviting harmonious communication flow

Being on the same wave length with someone is a time and space that allows for transparencies in a relationship. How can we cultivate that ability to connect effortlessly? Those moments are important key factors to build trust, a basic ingredient to any valuable relationship. We learn in this module the way we can contribute to making the openness necessary for it to occur in our lives. Taking the habit of lowering set of expectations while remaining receptive to what is, in the "now mode". Planting seeds in your garden of communication with others and yourself for a meaningful and colorful life. Sooner or later, you will reap the fruits of your attention and care.